I'm looking for someone..

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Nou Venit
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I'm looking for someone..

Mesaj de A2 Team » 12 Iun 2016, 20:48

Hola guys!

A couple of weeks ago we started to develop an international Fun PvP server with good intentions and good ideas.

I would like to point that the "International" will be organized in a different way, so besides the usual translation into all languages ​​supported in the game/presentation, there will be several features that will make simpler and smoother the relationship between player.

The team, at the moment, for the main part, is composed by: 3 Developer, 1 Web Developer, 1 3D Modeler and 1 Mapper.

Since the server will be international, we are looking for people from Romania with a good knowledge of the english language, willing to collaborate with us.

We don't ask for someone with special knowledge (scripting or other). We need people with desire that manages the server in their language, romanian (sponsorship, presentation, etc) and with a good knowledge of the english language, in order to comunicate with us and all the players.


Skype: arves100
or you can send me a Private Message.

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Re: I'm looking for someone..

Mesaj de Mikkelsen » 12 Iun 2016, 21:11

I'm waiting for your response on skype.
I recently added you.


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