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de A2 Team
20 Oct 2016, 20:25
Forum: Topicuri şi mesaje şterse
Subiect: International PvP Server recruit!!!!
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International PvP Server recruit!!!!

------------------------------------------- Hello community my team and me we want to develop a Pvp-server, we hope it will be great for everyone. Firstly, the server follow these 4 points. - Players have to do a lots of guild's wars (Our systems and automatic events improve guild wars, so players c...
de A2 Team
12 Iun 2016, 20:48
Forum: Arhivă
Subiect: I'm looking for someone..
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I'm looking for someone..

Hola guys! A couple of weeks ago we started to develop an international Fun PvP server with good intentions and good ideas. I would like to point that the "International" will be organized in a different way, so besides the usual translation into all languages ​​supported in the game/prese...

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