International PvP Server recruit!!!!

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International PvP Server recruit!!!!

Mesajde A2 Team » 20 Oct 2016, 20:25

Hello community my team and me we want to develop a Pvp-server, we hope it will be great for everyone.
Firstly, the server follow these 4 points.
- Players have to do a lots of guild's wars (Our systems and automatic events improve guild wars, so players could start them very often).
- Players can start a brawl where they want! (We created a neutral city where players could interact each other.
- Far move the player (here comes into play numerous events, both the usual and new exclusive, pre-arranged, so with a daily calendar that appears on the home and in the game (popup that links to the site), and executed correctly by GM without appropriate obligations problems (in fact, every event will have the security check to prevent the bug-using and make it as linear as possible)).
- The graphics. We'll try to make the game from a graphic point of view as "new" as possible to detach the average player from the usual monotony of graphic private server.


Here we are looking for:
-Programmatore C ++ (source side) 1/3
-Graphic 2D 0/2
-Team Manager 0/1

For info pm me or add me skype: denis.rendina

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Re: International PvP Server recruit!!!!

Mesajde M. Andrei - Marian » 02 Dec 2016, 19:15

Subiectul nu este postat in sectiunea corespunzatoare, plus de asta, este inactiv.
Subiect trimis la cos!

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