System Ring de vanzare.

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System Ring de vanzare.

Mesajde Syron » 20 Mar 2015, 16:10

I. Introduction
First of all, this service is a prepaid one, you have to pay me until we 'start working together', if you don't agree this, just don't read below.
As you become a costumer, you will receive updates and free support for this system.
This will work with any 40250+ rev. ( could work with lower revisions , but not with the special slot in inventory! )

II. Presentation & Concept
What you will receive ? A nice set of rings, personalized as how you want. Every personalization is free and there are no further fees.
There are some examples of personalization:
- bonuses
- time + bonuses
- bonuses + races ( only a specific race can use it )
- bonuses + races + time
- upgradable ( from +0 to +X -> where X is a number between 1 and 9 or more // or any thing you want Mk 1 / 2 etc )
- crafting
- text personalization ( Trebuie să fii logat sau înregistrat pentru a vedea acest link. Trebuie să fii logat sau înregistrat pentru a vedea acest link.
- level limit
And so on, it's your choice. We can combine everything listed up and more!
The rings can be equipped in the 2 slots between the belt.
At the moment, we're working on some icons, you can come with your own images ( with rings,and we can make them for in-game! )
Here are some examples:

III. Pricing
The whole service cost only 50€. As i already mentioned,you will become a full costumer, with further updates & free modification. ( no more fees! )
The only purchase method is PayPal. You can contact me on Skype if you're interested. ( check my profile )

L-am scris in engleza pentru alt forum. Cu alte cuvinte, ma contactati pe Skype ( syron.denisis ) daca va intereseaza.
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Re: System Ring de vanzare.

Mesajde Mikkelsen » 22 Iun 2015, 21:13

Subiect vechi.

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